This Amazing Guide Will Show You How To Build Your Own Shipping Container Home In As Little As 30 Days

If You’re Worried About Paying Rent And You Aren’t Interested In Taking Out A Loan, You Should Consider Building You Should Read This Right Now

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Comprehensive Guide To Building Your Own Shipping Container Home


Compared with all other types of housing, shipping container homes are the best value and cheapest.
If you really need a home, and want to get rid of paying rent every month, but lack the funds to buy a new concrete or pre-fab one, container homes might be right up your alley.

You don’t have to be a slave to rent any more!
And you don’t have to be a mortgage slave either!


Using one or multiple shipping containers to build with is an excellent method of reusing. It is inexpensive, it’s efficient, and it’s eco-friendly. When you turn a used shipping container into a home, you’re helping contribute to the betterment of the world.


Container homes are also very energy efficient in almost any environment with some creative and inexpensive design.

The metal is so cohesive to the ceramic insulation paints that shipping container homes are #1 in energy efficiency.


Another very powerful incentive for creating your home from shipping containers is strength. Your home will be made from steel! Containers are made to endure extreme loads and heavy wear and tear. If designed properly, a container home is earthquake proof, tornado proof, fire proof, termite proof, flood resistant, “nature proof”.


They can be very stylish and you can modify and join them in ways which are very difficult with traditional building materials.
You can build anything, from cheap and small, to extremely large and extravagant! These buildings are as unique as the people that build them, no two ever look the same, but cost savings and high strength is inherent in all shipping container structures.


Most of the homes that are made from shipping containers, do not look like a shipping container at all. A little bit of creativity, paneling, flooring, and siding and you’d never be able to tell that it’s made from large steel modular boxes. They can be covered with any surface, wood, stucco, vinyl siding, or anything. You can find many examples in our books. Moreover the cargo container look is also becoming a bit trendy and some prefer all or part of the home to remain natural. It can be any look you want when finished.


From the time you order the raw containers to the time it is ready to live in can be as little as 1 month. You can use shipping containers to build full- and part-time single-family homes and much more. In their most basic form, recycled shipping containers offer a quick and inexpensive solution to emergency housing needs and when stacked sky-high, they make for intriguing dormitory complexes.


With shipping containers, you can build any sized homes, whether you want to build a tiny house or a luxurious mansion, it doesn’t matter. It all depends on your imagination!
What is most exiting about the shipping container homes is that, with a little imagination, shipping containers can become cheap, reliable building blocks that can be used to build chic little getaway homes and castles of majesty alike!


With container homes you can easily upgrade an existing home by simply adding another 40′ container which adds an instant 320′ square feet onto your total living space.


Shipping container construction is the new craze in modern architecture. For most of the designs, you may even not need detailed architecture plans. It is fun like building with legos. And the best of all is that with a little bit of creativity the end result can be just amazing as if it is formed out of a complex acrhitecture design.

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“My family and I are now living in our own shipping container home which we have just built. I could have never imagined that such beautiful home could be created with those ugly shipping containers. It is amazing! And we built it so quickly and with minimum cost! Thank you very much for providing us this opportunity!”

Aaron K. - BC, CA

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