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Round brown leather ottoman in the centre of a living room

Why are Ottomans So Popular?

Ottomans come in different shapes, fabrics, and sizes! And what’s more, they can be used as a table, seat, or even as a storage space, and can be found in almost every part of the home. What makes this piece of furniture so popular, and so versatile? We explain this and more in detail, so keep reading to find out more!

What is an ottoman?        

Grey round ottoman with shiny wooden top, with a white blanket peeping out

An ottoman is a piece of furniture that is best described as a stand-alone. This is because it complements other pieces of furniture, while still being perfect on its own.  Ottomans are mostly used as centerpieces in living rooms, but their use is not restricted to the living room alone.

Ottomans are mostly used as coffee tables, but they also serve as footstools, an extra seat when having guests over, and even as storage spaces for magazines, throw pillows, and that constantly missing remote control.

As a result of its versatility, an ottoman has other names by which it is called, such as pouf (pouffe), hassock, footstool, or tuffet, amongst others.

Why is it called an Ottoman?

This versatile piece of furniture gets its name from exotic origins. The ottoman, characterized by its low height and padded, backless frame, was first imported from Turkey to Europe in the 1700s when the former was still a part of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, Turkey was said to have been the heart of the Ottoman Empire, hence the name of the furniture.

The ottoman got its name from the Ottoman Empire, as it was the common sitting furniture used in residences in Turkey in the 18th century. Apart from being used for sitting, and holding coffee trays, they could also be found at the foot of beds.

While the modern day ottoman is usually padded and upholstered, not very large, and usually found in the middle of a living room, the original ottomans were not always so. In 18th century Turkey, ottomans, being the main piece of seating, were usually much larger in size and piled with cushions. Over time, however, they evolved from being the main furniture to being a much smaller, more compact piece of furniture commonly found in the middle of a room.

What Types of Ottoman Are There?

Ottomans come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. They are made with a variety of fabrics, leather, knitted yarn, and even rattan.


While most ottomans are round or rectangular in shape, there are more choices when it comes to shape. There are also pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal ottomans.

Why are ottomans so popular?

Undoubtedly, an ottoman is an incredibly popular piece of furniture. It has crossed boundaries of space, and has gone from adorning just the living room to beautifying other parts of the house such as the bedroom, storage and even outdoor spaces! In fact, the ottoman has rapidly replaced the conventional coffee table, even in workspaces.

The ottoman is very popular simply because it is versatile, and can fit into almost any space, and even more, beautify the space! See how a LIVING ROOM OTTOMAN can spice up your home!

In addition, ottomans add a softer, more relaxed atmosphere to spaces than the conventional coffee tables. This does not mean however, that they lose their practicality in place of aesthetics.

Ottomans can be used as extra seats

Folks sitting on knit ottomans outdoor

An ottoman saves you the stress of having to worry about seating spaces when you’re having guests over for a drink or too. When you seem to be running out of regular seats, all you have to do is clear your ottoman of any décor or drinks, and voila! You have more seating space for your guests.

Ottomans serve as coffee tables

If you thought that this piece of furniture only serves as eye-candy, you may want to think again. Ottomans can be used as coffee tables, and this is because of their sturdy build. In addition, they can also serve as footstools.

Extra Storage Space

Mustard rectangular ottoman with storage space

Ottomans are commonly made with a compartment hidden within the frame of the furniture, and this space can be used to store all sorts of stuff. In the living room, the ottoman can be used to store magazines, photo albums, remote controls, and much more!

In the bedroom, an ottoman can serve as a storage space for items such as extra bedding, stuffed toys, or socks. And in the nursery, the ottoman can hold toys and other quick baby needs.

If you have been considering getting an ottoman, now is the time to get it! The versatile piece of furniture will surely serve you in more ways than one! From the living room to the bedroom, family room, nursery and even the workspace, the ottoman serves many roles and will always fill a need and earn the space it occupies!

6 Most stylish ottoman for your living quarters

Don’t just take our words for it, check out these 6 most stylish ottoman that is sure to leave your friends green with envy.

This is a complete guide comparing their price, versatility, and diversity for just about any space.

This is what we recommend;

  • NK Teal Velvet And Acrylic Bench
  • Piper Gray Ottoman
  • Knoxley Wood Bench
  • Cana Ottoman
  • Arden Tibetan Fur And Acrylic Bench
  • Brietta Tibetan Fur And Acrylic Bench
NK Teal Velvet And Acrylic Bench$412.80
Piper Gray Ottoman$198.40
Knoxley Wood Bench$198.40
Cana Ottoman$172.00
Arden Tibetan Fur And Acrylic Bench$712.00
Brietta Tibetan Fur And Acrylic Bench$400.00

NK Teal Velvet And Acrylic Bench

You will love the NK teal velvet and acrylic bench because of the quality of the material used in constructing. This is a tufted ottoman that will add elegance and sophistication to just any space.

Its clear acrylic legs provides ample support for weight and classiness to your living space.

Piper Gray Ottoman

The Piper gray ottoman features sleek stainless steel legs finished in brass, durable linen upholstery and a tufted seat that doubles as a lid atop the storage space inside. Use it as a footstool, a tuffet or simply as a beautiful accent wherever you need a little wow-factor. It’s a brilliant combination of form and stylish functionality.

Knoxley Wood Bench

Perfect for your foyer, living room or office, the Knoxley wood bench is a an updated take on traditional style. This tufted bench features plush upholstery and delicately detailed legs crafted in fir wood. With its neutral palette and natural wood tones, it fits well with a variety of decor.

Cana Ottoman

Upholstered in a cool gray fabric, the Cana ottoman brings stylish versatility to living spaces. Featuring a unique concave octagon design, the button-tufted top is seamed and finished with fabric covered buttons. Designed for use as a seat or foot stool, it adds warmth and texture to decor.

Arden Tibetan Fur And Acrylic Bench

Glamorize your interior design or personal space with this fur and acrylic bench. The fluffy black-finished fur over a round seat makes a beautiful contrast with the clear, acrylic legs that boasts an elegant design, making it both decorative and functional ideal for your modern-themed home. Place this alongside your other home ensemble for an outstanding look in your interior.

Brietta Tibetan Fur And Acrylic Bench

The Gray-finished fur design highlights the piece’s exceptional look. Brietta Tibetan fur and acrylic bench is made up of high-quality materials for long-lasting use and beauty. This sophisticated rectangular seat offers fashionable and comfortable seating options and it is sure to complement a variety of modern and eclectic themes and styles. Clear, acrylic legs provides stability and support. This is a functional and decorative piece for your living room or personal space

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