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A pouf placed in a strategic position near a patterned rug in a living room

What is a pouf?

A pouf is an accent piece made to look like a solid cushion. Poufs are pieces of furniture that are usually placed on the ground in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and other informal spaces.

What is the difference between a pouf and an ottoman?

It isn’t out of place to hear someone use the words ottoman and pouf interchangeably. In reality both the ottoman and the pouf look alike and in some cases, their functions is similar but they aren’t the same thing. For example, an ottoman can be used as a coffee table but a pouf can’t function in that scenario.

Going by definition, an ottoman is an upholstered piece of furniture that serves as a footstool, a storage facility, and also as an extra seating option. On the other hand, a pouf is a cushioned piece of furniture usually without any backrest serving as a footstool or low seat.

While the ottoman is a piece that originated from the Ottoman Empire, the pouf is of French descent.

Poufs are constructed in such a way that they contain more pillowy material, making them appear like over-sized pillows. And the ottoman was built to be sturdy with less pillowy material to support the weight of people, and with a hallow interior for storing books, board games, blankets and so on.

Generally speaking, the major factor differentiating a pouf from an ottoman is, poufs do not resemble a table in anyway but ottomans have a table-like feel to them.

How do you pick between a pouf and an ottoman?

Before going ahead to decide if a pouf is the best choice over an ottoman for your living space, we want you to consider the following factors;

The size of your living space. A pouf comes in handy for small spaces when compared to ottomans. The smallest ottoman can’t rival the pouf when it comes to maximizing the full potential of small living quarters.

The type of space. Poufs are known to be the ideal fit for informal spaces. These pieces add a boho element to a space making the space more relaxed and lived in. whereas, on the other hand, ottomans do well in a formal setting either as the main coffee table, a footrest, or an addition to other furniture pieces.

Patterned outdoor pouf placed in front of a rattan chair.

How can poufs be incorporated into your home décor?

Have you been seeing those cute pouf pictures in magazines and it got you wondering how you can incorporate it into your home décor? If that’s right, continue reading because we are going to explain possible ways to add these versatile pieces to your home design.

But before we go on, we want you to know the three reasons why we consider poufs to be very practical;

  • They are versatile and can be used both as a footstool and as an extra seat.
  • Their sizes makes them fit into any room nicely.
  • They have the ability to complement the décor of just about any room you add them to.

Versatility. Poufs are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used as a footstool, a chair, and a makeshift tabletop.

They are quite unique because they weren’t made to substitute for the absence of other furniture. Poufs are additional accessory to any space and they have the ability to complement the overall design of the space.

You might be wondering why something so pillowy can serve as a tabletop, right? Poufs are really soft, but they are built to be solid so they can support weight.

Knitted floor pouf placed on a knitted orange rug.

Shape and size. While considering any piece of furniture, we should always look into how the shape and the size of the furniture fits into the overall design of your space. If you fail to do this, the end result is most definitely going to be a disaster. Poufs just like other pieces shouldn’t just be thrown into a space on a whim. Check to see how the shape and size of the pouf fits directly to the space you want to add it to.

Other factors to consider before adding a pouf to your space include; the angles of your room, different areas the pouf can occupy in your room, etc.

Pouf usually comes in different shapes and sizes.

Diverse. Asides from being versatile, poufs comes in a variety of designs and textiles. Irrespective of your style, there are poufs designed to complement just about any space.

Leather pouf placed close to a throw pillow.

Can you sit on a pouf?

Poufs aren’t just a pretty piece of furniture we add to our space just because we want to add it. They are comfortable for seating on because of the materials they are made up of.

What do you stuff a pouf with?

Poufs can be stuffed with just about any material you can find in your house, if you want to go down the ecological route. But the stuffing of your pouf should be left to your local furniture upholsterer. When you order poufs, they come already stuffed with either recycled wool felt, coir (coconut fiber), camel hair, straw, polyether flakes (foam rubber), pillow filling and some other materials.

Can you sit on a pouf?

Poufs are great options for sitting on during your leisure time or when you can’t find a seat. Poufs are made up of materials that support the sturdy weight of humans. Asides their decorative feature, poufs are ideal options in traditional settings. Locals love to sit on poufs around a low table to enjoy a meal together.

Are poufs comfortable to sit on?

Not just putting their functionality into consideration, poufs are comfortable pieces to sit on. The quality and type of material your pouf is made up of and stuffed with plays a huge part on how comfortable they turn out. Poufs made up of knit fabric, velvet, or faux fur provides comfortable seating option for leisure.

A couple of young people sitting on poufs comfortably.

Are poufs out of style?

For a piece that keeps coming out in different shape, size, and color, poufs can’t be considered out of style. Poufs have been around for over 100 years and they keep getting more fashionable. And since they allow people to show-off their personal style, we do not see them going out of style at all.

Poufs comes in different textile, weaves, and colors. And if raw materials is the sort of thing you’re into, they come as leather pouf, faux leather pouf, suede pouf, and so on. Also, poufs come in a variety of colors that can complement your design, and they come in a pop of color working as a true accent piece in your space.

Where to buy poufs?

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We are going to take a look at eight different poufs that anyone should own in their living space. In no particular order the poufs are listed below;

  • Medina Fringed Pouf
  • Pavia Blue Grey Handwoven Pouf
  • Terni Handwoven Teal Pouf
  • Verona Print Pouf
  • Ada Pouf
  • Margarite Print Pouf
  • Pongo Print Pouf
  • Betty Pouf
Medina Fringed Pouf$184.00
Pavia Blue Grey Handwoven Pouf$172.00
Terni Handwoven Teal Pouf$159.20
Verona Print Pouf$150.40
Ada Pouf$150.40
Margarite Print Pouf$150.40
Pongo Print Pouf$150.40
Betty Pouf$142.40

Medina Fringed Pouf

Add a textural design element to a room with the Medina fringed pouf, upholstered in hand-woven cotton. Its light gray and tan color palette complements a variety of décor themes and styles. The fringe at both the top and near the bottom of the pouf softens a room and provides visual interest. The pouf is designed for use as a footrest or as additional seating.

Pavia Blue Grey Handwoven Pouf

Upholstered in hand-woven cotton, the Pavia blue grey hand-woven pouf brings stylish versatility to living spaces. Designed for use as a seat or ottoman, this piece adds color and texture to décor. Dense polystyrene bead filling provides a firm form with comfortable support.

Terni Handwoven Teal Pouf

Upholstered in hand-woven cotton, the Terni hand-woven teal pouf brings stylish versatility to living spaces. Designed for use as a seat or ottoman, this piece adds warmth and texture to décor. Dense polystyrene bead filling provides a firm form with comfortable support.

Verona Print Pouf

Add beauty and function to any room with the lovely Verona print pouf. It features a gorgeous blue and ivory paisley-floral patterned cotton cover that beautifully complements many color schemes and décor styles. The pouf is designed for comfort as well as making an eye-catching dimensional accent piece.

Ada Pouf

Upholstered in hand-woven cotton and adorned with festive tassels, the Ada hand-woven pouf brings stylish versatility to living spaces. Designed for use as a seat or footrest, this piece adds warmth and texture to décor. Dense polystyrene bead filling provides a firm form with comfortable support.

Margarite Print Pouf

Bring life to dull spaces with the Margarite print pouf. White flowers and branches float on a blue canvas to evoke the feeling of a gentle breeze. The cubed shape offers versatility as a footstool or extra seat in the living room, bedroom, or den.

Pongo Print Pouf

Upholstered in hand-woven cotton, the Pongo print pouf brings stylish versatility to living spaces. Designed for use as a seat or ottoman, this piece also brings texture and visual interest to décor with a playful Dalmatian surface pattern. Dense polystyrene bead filling provides a firm form with comfortable support.

Betty Pouf

Put your feet up and relax in style with the Betty pouf. The cotton ottoman has a slightly bohemian flair, but it will blend with any casual décor. It’s a home accent that’s comfortable and stylish. The cotton cover features a bright stripe detail for a dash of color. You’ll love furnishing your home with the pouf.

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