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Lamp Guide: The Best Table Lamps For your Space Revealed

a cozy bedroom with the bedside lamp in focus

Modern bedside lamps to light up your room

Often, it is the littlest of things that make the greatest difference.

With this in mind, we are going to look into some of the best bedside lamps that are sure to blow your mind away.

Some of the factors we considered when making this list include; best modern, best industrial, best budget, best traditional, best farmhouse, best minimalist, and lastly, best mid-century.

Without further ado, this is what our list looks like;

  • Best bedside lamp overall. Marbleized Glass Lamp
  • Best modern bedside lamp. Rose Gold Buffet Lamp
  • Best budget bedside lamp. Carolina Hand-Painted Ceramic Lamp – Ast 2
  • Best traditional. TY Bluebird Table Lamp
  • Best farmhouse bedside lamp. Burnell Table Lamp
  • Best minimalist bedside lamp. NK Hawking Glass And Marble Lamp
  • Best mid-century bedside lamp. Madison Table Lamp
  • Best oversized bedside lamp. Lexington Oversized Lamp

Best lamp overall. Marbleized Glass Lamp

table lamp

Illuminate your world with elegance. Featuring a gorgeous marbled surface pattern of gray and white glass, this graceful table lamp is adorned by a round shade in a neutral fabric. An iron base in a silver finish and a glass finial at the top provide the perfect finishing touches.

Best modern bedside lamp. Rose Gold Buffet Lamp

Give your home a chic and modern look with the rose gold buffet lamp. The warm-toned metal is a perfect neutral that will add a contemporary and glamorous look to any space while radiating a flattering light. The lamp is perfect for a penthouse loft or any home with a glam decorating scheme.

Best budget bedside lamp. Carolina Hand-Painted Ceramic Lamp – Ast 2

Light up your living area with these hand-painted blue and white ceramic lamps. Resting on crystal bases, a white square shade completes the look. They’re a great choice to instantly elevate the style of any space.

Best traditional. TY Bluebird Table Lamp

Showcasing a blend traditional and rustic style, the Bluebird table lamp by Trisha Yearwood is a must-have for any home. Made from premium polyresin material, its body features a classic turned design, while the pearl white linen shade adds contrast with a simple round shape. Conveying artisan skill and quality craftsmanship, the Bluebird table lamp will enhance any space.

Best farmhouse bedside lamp. Burnell Table Lamp

The luxurious Burnell table lamp creates a modern, sophisticated look. The rich brown and white marbled surface pattern and curvy shape make this lamp fab in pairs anchoring an entryway console. The crystal base and finial on top add a touch of flair and the look is completed with a round shade in beige.

Best minimalist bedside lamp. NK Hawking Glass And Marble Lamp

The right lighting can transform the look and feel of any space. Fine reflective glass and richly veined marble create this celestial-inspired globe table lamp. Exclusively by Nakasa, a luxury lifestyle brand.

Best mid-century bedside lamp. Madison Table Lamp

For a modern and elegant lighting option, the Madison table lamp is a perfect choice. A sleek, cylindrical clear glass body is accented by a honeycomb surface texture which is further accented by a silver mercury glass finish on the lower section while the top remains transparent. Mounted on an acrylic base, the lamp is crowned by a round shade in white linen and a silver finial graces the top.

Best oversized bedside lamp. Lexington Oversized Lamp

An ideal fit for a range of styles of decor, the Lexington oversized lamp adds a touch of refined elegance to any setting. The striking contrast between the dark and glossy body and the round white shade makes an eye-catching focal point. A tapered clear glass finial completes the look.

How to choose the right table lamp for any room

Now that we have dealt with the 8 best table lamps you should add to your room, we have taken it upon ourselves to show you how to choose the right table lamp for any room.

What we mean is, picking the right table lamp that will suit the theme of your space, alongside the factors that you ought to pay attention to.

The factors we have decided to look into are as follows;

  • The décor of your room
  • The size of your room and the table
  • The table lamp style
  • The width of the table lamp
  • The height of the table lamp
  • The lamp shades and shadow
  • The table lamp material

Determine the décor of your room

First thing first, you have to put the decor of your room into consideration beefore setting out to pick just any table lamp. The ideal thing to do here is to ensure the lamp complements what you already have going on in your space. if you have a minimalist situation, adding a table lamp such as Best traditional. TY Bluebird Table Lamp won’t be the best decision to make.

TIP: To cap this off, ensure you take note of the theme, color palette, and style of the room in question.

Remember to size things up

Moving on, you have mapped out a list of possible table lamps that suit your décor in your head, and you think you are ready for that purchase. Don’t pull out your credit card before sizing things up. You have to decide if the table lamp is the right size both for the table you plan on placing it on and also if the size of the room is the right fit.

Will the table lamp be over-shadowed by other furnishing pieces? Will the table lamp be too small for the table you have decided is the ideal location? Is the table lamp too big or is the room even the right size for the table lamp. These are the questions you need to ask yourself before making that purchase.

The width of the table lamp

In picking out the right width for your table lamp, ensure that the widest part of the lamp shade should be the right proportion for the body of the lamp. The lamp shade is usually the most prominent part of the lamp because of its size, so pay close attention to this part.

Also, the width of the table lamp shouldn’t be wider than either the nightstand or table you have chosen to place it on. As a general rule, the width of the table lamp should be give or take one-third the width of whatever place you have decided to put it on.

Getting the right proportion of table lamp to table shouldn’t be a factor you compromise on if you don’t want your decorating tale to be a total fail.

The height of the table lamp

How tall should my table lamp be? Isn’t this a million dollar question that we ought to pay close attention to?

Just like previous factors we have looked into, the height of your table lamp is a major factor that drives your purchasing decision.

The height of your table lamp should be just right if you have decided to use it as a reading lamp, the position of the switch should also be considered so you don’t have to go out of your way to switch it off when it isn’t in use.

To determine the right height of your table lamp we would suggest you sit in the space you want the lamp to be and take note of your eye level. That is the right height size for your table lamp.

The table lamp style

Anyone serious about the overall look of his/her space won’t compromise on table lamp style.

Some of the most popular table lamp style ranges from gourd-shape, sculptural statement pieces, buffet lamps, Arc lamps, tripod lamps, swing arm lamps, gooseneck lamps, tree lamps and so on.

The lamp shade and shadow

In picking the right lamp shade for any table lamp, you have to look at the height of the lampshade, the width of the lampshade, the color of the lampshade, and the shape of the lampshade.

Generally these measurements should be used as a guide for deciding the right lampshade and shadow;

  • The width of the lampshade should be twice the width of the widest part of the lamp.
  • The height should be 2/3 the total height of the lamp.

For maximum light, we would advise you stick to white or off-white lampshades. They give off more light when compared to colored lampshades.

Lastly, ensure you pick a lamp shade shape that suits your room décor and your space.

The table lamp material

Table lamps are made from a variety of materials ranging from ceramic, glass, metal, acrylic, wood, selenite, alabaster and so on.

Each of these materials depends on the theme and style of your décor. A table lamp made with acrylic won’t be a right fit for every season just as a lamp made with wood won’t be right in a room with modern design.

How to decorate with table lamps

After giving you the tea on how to select the right table lamp for your living space leaving it at that won’t be beffiting.

For this reason, we have decided to round things up by showing you three places you can decorate your table lamps with.

  • On a console table
  • On a nightstand
  • On a side or end table

On a console table

A good addition to any console table is a good table lamp. Picking the right lamp should be a walk in the park now with all of the tips and instructions above.

On a nightstand

This is a really popular decorating idea. Placing table lamps on nightstand is just as good as it gets, if you have a partner, you can decide to place one table lamp on each nightstand. And if it is just you, one table lamp is good enough.

On a side or end table

Adding table lamps to either your side or end table is a sure way to add symmetry and style to your décor. This is also a very popular decorating strategy as it serves to provide lighting when natural light is in short supply.

We hope you consider all of our tips as you pick your next table lamp. Also, don’t forget to look at the eight best table lamps for any room.

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