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Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Transform Your Dog’s Behavior (even if You Don’t Know How To Train Your Dog)

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I need my dog to be LESS AGGRESSIVE

I need my dog to COME WHEN CALLED

I need my dog to STOP LEASH-PULLING


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Over a Decade of Dog Training Experience, and 57,000+ Happy Owners...

I’m Doggy Dan, and I’m the founder of The Online Dog Trainer. 

I’ve worked with every breed out there and every problem you could possibly think of. My team and I help dog owners like you live a better life by giving you the principles, tools and techniques to transform your dog’s behavior quickly and effectively.

A Hands-on Dog Trainer Everywhere You Go And Anytime You Need It

The Online Dog Trainer is every dog owner’s best friend. It addresses the cause of your dog’s bad behavior, not just the symptoms, so you can get right to the root of the issue and solve it for good. With other training programs, they don’t take into account the underlying causes of your pup’s problems and their behavioral issues can reoccur down the line. But not with this method… The program is based on using communication signals, instinct and intuition that all dogs respond to, and it’s the simplest, most effective and quickest way to change your dog’s behavior (yes, really!).


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